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Black Friday Sales!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

It's almost Black Friday so we thought now is a good time to let all of you who might actually read this know!

Online the sale will begin early, Thursday evening 4:30 pm.

This way I can edit the site from our working computer at the shop. (My home computer has rather inconveniently bit the dust)

If you have not signed up for our email list please do so, this gets you early access to the latest news and future events and new arrival announcements.

More earrings will be added this week, currently Iam bundled up outside working on photos.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday we are offering up to 20% off almost everything!

Special extended hours of:

11-6 both Saturday and Sunday.

I'm constantly adding to the website so we can bring you great selection, however this past of the business is a one woman show so I get as much done as I can on days off.

If you ever are craving a certain stone or piece and are too far away to come by the shop in person just send me a message and I will do my best to add what your looking for on here.

The chat feature is great for this as it's easy for me to reply.

Please note out of business hours I will be slower to reply and may not get back to you until I'm back at the shop.

Thank you all for supporting our small family business over the years, we hope we can continue to be here for many more.

Do us a huge favour and tell your friends and family about us this Holiday Season.

This it make it or break it time of year for us and other small businesses.

So shop small as much as you can if you want your nice local businesses to still be here.


Gen & Jo

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