Beaver earrings by Don Lancaster.

The Beaver, in Native American tradition, teaches people to have the ability to be productive in all ways and not to limit their options. He teaches to be persistent and to use available resources. The Beaver helps people to understand the dynamics of teamwork and to appreciate each individual’s talents and contributions in order to accomplish anything. He is a determined, builder of the mind, body and soul and symbolizes creativity, creation, cooperation, persistence and harmony. The Beaver also is a serious, hard worker and will not quit his job until he is done.

Don Lancaster is a well-known Northwest Coast jewellery maker.  Both he and his brother, John, have developed a distinctive style for which they are widely recognized. Lancaster currently lives in Victoria, BC with his family where he is involved with the Kwakwaka'wakw community. He works in a shared studio space with other First Nations artists which allow them to share equipment and exchange ideas. Lancaster has been designing jewelry since 1997 and is currently working full time making silver and gold work. His jewelry can be found in galleries around BC.

Beaver Don Lancaster earrings

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