My Kind of Jewellery bar necklace

My Kind of Jewellery bar necklace


24 inch Keum-Boo long bar necklace. This necklace is adjustable to as short as you like, simply let the extra chain dangle. Handmade locally by My Kind of Jewellery.


Keum-Boo – in briefThe “Keum-Boo” technique originated in Asia hundreds of years ago. It is used to completely and permanently to bond incredibly thin (.003mm) thin sheets of pure (24kt) gold onto pure silver. Silver which has been “reticulated or depletion guilded” to create a surface layer of pure silver can also be used. Using heat and hand pressure, the artisan fuses the gold onto the silver so that the layers actually intermingle at the molecular level, for a permanent, inseparable bond.

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