• Joanne Morrison

Well I’m a little late getting these rings and pendants to the site for March but I figure better late than never. Wednesday March 23 at 4pm I will be adding aquamarine rings to the site. Pendants Thursday March 24 at 4pm. Watch our instagram and facebook feeds for sneak peeks.

We sure are enjoying the longer days, that means more time for photos in the daylight!

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  • Joanne Morrison

The first time I met “Momo” of Mercurious designs I was a mere 17 travelling to the Tucson gem show for my first time with Mom and a good friend from high school to help her shop for the store and see the sights. I remember meeting him and his buddies at their booth and recall him asking us in his English accent ”you girls are so white! you must be Canadian! do you tan by moonlight?”

Over the years we have become close friends, sailing in Bali on a pirate ship with his family and adventuring in Europe. We are proud to carry Momo's art and look forward to sharing a few of his unique designs with you all.

Excerpt from Momo's website:

"Mercurious Designs Sterling Silver collections have a rock 'n roll hardcore carefree attitude. They are an eclectic blend of contemporary and tribal styles, somehow bold and timeless. Mercurious Designs is the warped brain child of Momo, a native Londoner, who has been refining his craft for over 20 years. He developed a passion for gemstones while exploring caves as a teenager, discovering underground caverns full of crystals, and he went on to study as a silversmith at college. He now has his studio in Bali, Indonesia where all his designs are hand-crafted. His creations are typified by unusual gemstones designed with an ancestral tribal touch welded to a post-industrial future. They are heavily influenced by natural forms and textures, inspired by mineral formations, the underwater world and wildlife. Mercurious gets its name, strangely enough, from Mercury, the planet that rules communication, and the Messenger of the Gods (aka Hermes). Mercury is also known as Quicksilver, the liquid metal that looks like molten silver."

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  • Joanne Morrison

The incredible, unique and bold wearable art piece from Italian designer Mariella Pilato have landed in the shop today.

We are proud to showcase such creative and stunning jewellery.

A little from our friend Mariella below:

"I am blessed to be born and raised in Sorrento, a land of great myth, bordering the Mediterranean sea and linked to the legends of the Homeric heroes.

"This land of myth and mermaids strongly influenced my imagination and creativity while I explored, cultivated and developed my talents at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples and Florence."

Afterwards, I gravitated to another magical place, the Hindu island of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago. A truly unique nexus, steeped in history and ancient arts.

From here I organize my work on an artistic level and create, fabricate and distribute my original jewelry to the rest of the world."

Come on by the shop and explore these treasures with us.

Thank you for reading,


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