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Today 11-6 in Vancouver

Tomorrow (December 27) in Surrey.

Save 50% off BOTH locations.

Online will begin this morning around 10.

Sale continues until the 31. 

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After careful consideration we have decided to turn our Vancouver location into a Just Jewellery Outlet Boutique. This means that starting November 1 2018 all items in Vancouver will be sold at a discounted rate. Novembers monthly sale (Vancouver only) is 35% off all in store items. We have sent three boxes over from South Surrey to be added to inventory and removed select designer pieces that are not ready to be discounted. We will continue to stock the highest quality we can find and our South Surrey location will continue business as usual. If you have not made it down to Vancouver to our new boutique now would be a great time to do so.

Happy shopping everyone,

Gen, Jo and the girls of Just Jewellery.


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