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Shopping trip in France a success.

Genevieve is home from her shopping trip in France.

This quaint and long running gem show in North Eastern France has been operating for over fifty years and features unique and beautiful mineral and jewellery pieces from around the world.

A favorite place of ours nestled in the old silver mining town of Sainte Marie Aux Mines. With its two hundred plus year old houses and steep hills reaching up on either side. This show feels like we are stepping into another world.

Among the treasures found on this trip come soft summer tones, more Azurite Malachite (which is becoming very hard to find). Aquamarine pendants and ocean blue rings. More works from the very popular Swedish Designer Geo with their glowing quartz crystals. Rings galore and our current adoration soft pink tobasco agate geodes in rings, pendants and even earrings. With too many new goodies to list we hope you join us this week as we unveil more of this new collection. We will be pricing as quickly as we can and making further editions to our blossoming online boutique.

Happy July everyone.

Warm wishes,

Joanne, Genevieve and the girls of Just Jewellery.

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