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Mercurious Designs Lodalite Ankh Ring

Mercurious Designs Lodalite Ankh Ring

SKU: M05

Mercurious Designs Lodalite Ankh Ring

Size 9


The Ankh is one of the most common of the ancient Egyptian symbols and represents "life", or immortality. Sometimes referred to as the Egyptian Cross, the exact origins of this glyph are uncertain, although most probably derived from sexual symbology, or from representations of the Nile, the water of life. This is a talisman of the Pharaohs themselves and can be used for magical protection and health. 


These rings can be sized up or down if needed they are harder to size so cost more to do so around $35. If you love this ring but its not your size inquire about sizing, because if the width of these rings we recommend using the wide ring sizer and going up around half a size larger than a ring with a thin band.

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