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Genevieve is home from her September buying trip and all the new treasures have begun to roll into the shop. We have been pricing and unpacking new goodies daily and will continue to update the website as we get time.

As of this week we have added more hours to the shop and are now open on Tuesdays.

Tuesday 12-4 Wednesday 12-4 Thursday 12-4 Friday 12-5 Saturday 12-5

Be sure to tell your friends about us and pop by for first choice of these new pieces.

Thank you for shopping small.

Jo & Gen

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Bosco update. 💙💙💙

First of all we want to thank you all for the huge outpouring of support, sweet messages and for letting us know how much this big guy means to you all.

We love our Bossy (as my little niece affectionately calls him).

Boss has finished his round of antibiotics for the abscess under his jaw if now seems to be (fingers crossed) completely healed, no more excessive drooling, and lethargy. Boss seems to be back to his bright self.

He is also gaining the weight back that was lost and his apatite is back to almost normal.

We are trying a new protocol to treat his nose condition, which may be what contributes to the random nosebleeds.

So drops a few times a day, no further ultrasounds for now while we see where this leads us.

Hopefully we are getting to the bottom of his allergies ect.

The kindness you have all shown us is truly incredible thank you so so much.

A special mention goes to our friend Doreen of @ducatirichmond for her incredible donation of once loved jewellery, Doreen you are so incredibly kind.

If anyone is needing a rad new ride this summer the Ducati Richmond team is

Fantastic. 🏍

Our collection for Bosco is bursting at the seams and I can’t wait to get all the pieces photographed to show all of you that may not be able to come in to the shop in person.

Thank you Deb, Lorna, Karline, @streetcatdesigns Pam for the earrings I still have to feature.

All of you lovely customers and friends who have purchased these once lived items we thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts.

Love, Genevieve, Joanne, Bosco and Abby

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hi everyone, most of you know our shop dog Bosco. He has been having some health issues and lately has been having some pretty horrible nosebleeds.

After extensive tests, ultrasounds and X-rays yesterday he went in to the specialist to potentially scope his nose and see if we could get some answers, a CT scan was done and came up inconclusive so now we are waiting on an oncologist to view the findings and let us know what they see. Boss is a member of our family as well as being our guardian at the shop and at home he has kept Mom and I safe on a few occasions.

The vet costs so far have been pretty huge and the bills sure are piling up! On the heels of a hard year for the business due to COVID we could use a little help from the universe with this one.

Mom and I put our heads together and have decided to start selling off a bunch of our personal collections to raise money for his care. Items will start arriving today and I will get them online as soon as I can. If you have been coveting any of our personal jewellery now is the chance to see if we will part with them. 😉

There will be a special section on our website with these items, I hope to get items up as early as Sunday evening. Those of you active on social media watch our Facebook page as well as Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks.

Thank you all for the support over this year we value each and every one of you.


Gen & Jo

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